Why can choose our eyelash glues?

Why can choose our eyelash glues?

Kenzo Lashes  is the most professional manufacturer of mink eyelashes and its accessories in China.Our company offers the top 5 brands in the US market.We have our own factory.We are the best supplier of genuine Siberian mink eyelashes.With more than 7 years of experience in mink eyelash manufacturing and a professional service team, our goal is to provide the best mink lashes and services to consumers around the world!

If you want to wholesale mink eyelashes and wholesale lash glue, welcome your inquiry.

The production of glue, with super Waterproof,LatexFree, absolutely safeharmless!

And I like to use black and white.If choose our product to wear eyelashes, which can swim, and it’s more sticky! We can customize your own brand of glue!

 Eyelash Glue 5 ML

Custom Glues Printing Logo

Custom Glues Printing Logo

Custom Glues Printing Logo with Brand Name

If you are interested in our products,

the contact information is as follows

Email: valerijsamusev073@gmail.com


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