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Three Steps To Lash Up The Eyelashes

Clamp the natural arc

Press and release, from the roots of the eyelashes to the tip, divided into three points to clip, so clip the eyelashes from the side will not look like a hook as rigid.








Brush mascara

Put the mirror under the eyelashes, brush from the middle, painted inside the corner of the eye, the brush head to keep the vertical state, so as not to touch dirty eye week.






A root sticky false eyelashes

False eyelashes that are not to be seen at a glance are single-rooted, pinch one with small tweezers and dip a small amount of special glue into the roots to stick to the skin near the root of the eyelashes after 3 seconds.

Cheaper whole row of false eyelashes, you can first cut into a single root, then stick to the appropriate length according to the length, as stylish and decent.








How to stick false eyelashes?

Although the natural extent of false eyelashes and wear is almost proportional to the difficulty, but as long as the first purchase and wear the essentials, you can confidently meet the challenge.






Do too soft or rough hair are not ideal, should be selected natural hair made of false eyelashes.

Do eyelashes usually long on both sides of the short, sticky false eyelashes to follow this rule.








Do on the eyelids can be an average of 6-7 false eyelashes, the interval should be uniform.

Do not stick to the daily makeup Do not eyelashes.

Do not remove the false eyelashes, if you encounter resistance, do not be hard to pull, can be covered with a hot towel moistened cotton with a cleansing liquid wet eyes a while, until the eyelashes softened natural to take down.

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