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A Stickup Method That Makes The False Eyelashes More Realistic

As one of the beauty tools, many friends will use false eyelashes. Beauty skin care experts suggest that in order to make false eyelashes more realistic, you need to understand and grasp the correct method of sticky false eyelashes.

How to choose a suitable false eyelash style:








Terrier: false lashes stalks as thin as possible, transparent plastic stems or black cotton stalks are all very good use, and also depends on whether the false eyelashes are soft, whether there is toughness.

Roots: The roots of false eyelashes hair must be crossed, so that it can form a thick and natural effect, like painting a black eyeliner.

End: The end of the false eyelashes must be like real eyelashes, from the roots to the eyelash tip to have a natural thickness change, not from the root to the tip is the same fine, otherwise it will look very fake.

Hair quality: hair quality should be good enough to be soft, touch to have a sense of hair, the kind of reflective plastic false eyelashes do not use, one can see it is fake.








The most profitable under the eyelashes:

Want to make false eyelashes more real, want to make the eye more powerful, then do not ignore the role of the lower eyelashes. We need to use a mascara, and mink false eyelashes, so that you can create eyelashes like a natural sense of realism.

The first method is to use the mascara brush under the eyelashes, eyelashes under the outline of the separation.








Use a pair of tweezers to gently grasp the individual false eyelashes. Apply a small amount of false eyelashes to the end of the eyelashes.

To a single strain of false eyelashes carefully attached to the gap in the lower eyelashes, pay attention to sticky even, do not have to fill it.

Best false eyelashes local sticky method:

Local how to stick false eyelashes the most natural? Partial way to stick false eyelashes better fit their eye-shaped, can present the best eye makeup effect, single false eyelashes stick in the middle of the eye, you can create a sense of purity Round eye effect, stick to the end of the eye, you can create a charming cat’s eye makeup. In addition, the false eyelashes can be divided into several sections to stick, you can also cut the whole sticky, cut into about 1/3 the length of the eye on it.

In the false eyelashes stalks coated with an appropriate amount of false eyelashes glue.






The above is the correct way to paste the false eyelashes. If your own eyelashes are not perfect, then use today’s method, you can get realistic false eyelashes. Expert tips, high-quality false eyelashes, make your paste more realistic, so the selection of false eyelashes is a technical Oh live.

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