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Some knowledge of eyelash extension

Eyelashes extension and hair growing principle is the same. All hair follicles are implanted with autologous hair. Microsurgery is used to extract part of the healthy hair follicles from the posterior occipital part of human body. After being separated in a special vessel, the lashes are planted in scarce areas according to the growth of eyelashes. After the survival of the hair follicles, you can naturally grow new eyelashes, maintaining all the characteristics of the original hair, the original eyelashes will be necrosis. Have nice eyelashes, increase their confidence for beauty , but also to make their smiles more confident.








Surgical approach
After all, the reason for the loss of eyelashes is due to the atrophy and necrosis of the hair follicles. The problem of eyelashes can be fundamentally solved only by replacing the already-damaged hair follicle tissues with normal hair follicle tissues.
The study found that 1/4 of the human hair belongs to the permanent hair loss, mainly in the two sides of the head and the occipital. Eyelash implantation is the surgical removal of part of the healthy hair follicle tissue from the head of the patient’s head (usually 40-50 on each side of the graft), using microscopic techniques to separate healthy hair follicles and hair blanks, and then Certain rules of hair follicles planted to be planting eyelashes parts. After these transplanted hair after a short period of surgical trauma recovery, to maintain the original growth characteristics, continue to grow in new parts. Eyelashes grow by eyelash planting surgery can be maintained for life, eyelash implantation is the only and thorough treatment of eyelashes off.








Eyelashes extension considerations   
Generally used plastic surgery body “eyelashes” is actually the false eyelashes glued to the eyelashes, the eyelashes used in this false eyelashes source is very unreliable, and some are using other people’s hair, and some are using pig hair or dog hair system As a result, some false eyelashes are made directly from chemicals, and the eyes are extremely sensitive organs. They are highly prone to infection during grafting of eyelashes, causing skin and eye irritation, inflammation and redness. In addition, the roots of lashes are sweaty organs, false eyelashes attached to the root of eyelashes will affect the pores perspiration and cause sty and swollen eyelids. Grafted eyelashes are particularly easy to fall off, resulting in less and less their own eyelashes.






Eyelash extension characteristics
1, according to the density you need to transplant eyelashes.
2, according to the normal growth of the eyelash transplantation.
3, because the transplant hair follicles, hair will grow long and long, according to the need to trim its length.
4, the natural growth of eyelashes was conical, thinner, while the transplanted eyelashes were cylindrical, thick hair, transplanted eyelashes slightly rough.
5, eyelash transplantation area does not leave any scar.
Through the eyelash transplant, change the original eyelashes sparse, short, less, drooping, dull dark color and other defects, in order to achieve the effect of rapid realization of the United States. Long eyelashes, so that our eyes look big and God, no eyelashes or missing part of the eyelashes, tend to bring trouble to patients. Thick eyelashes make the eyes look more full, deep; curled eyelashes can create Barbie-like dream big eyes, direct capture of his heart; slender eyelashes, gently wink will add a little smart and playful taste, let you Smiling eyes instantly revealing unlimited style.

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