How to start your eyelash business for $100?

How to start your eyelash business for $100?

Many of our customers are new to mink eyelash business and as a starter who doesn’t have much money $100 you can get all you want in our company.You can start with mink eyelash business with 100$, then you can earn big money.Guys, Do you want to know how to do? Please keeping up with me.

$100 you can get mink lashes + cutsom Eyelash Packaging box with your logo + shipping!!!

As far as we know many customers do not have their logo and they also want an amazing one to show their customers and remenber them. If they order from a lable-making comany or some private lable makers the price would be at least $50 which would take 7-15 days!

You can create the brand name, choosing the design logo from us :

Private Lable of Mink Lashes  

Click here more choice << How to start with your design logo?

We have professional design team that can help you FREE design the logo you want on your box, 

Custom Lash Box Design
Custom Lash Box Design

wholesale custom eyelash packaging box

Eyelash Packaging

When their logos are done the starters start to find a lash vendor. The process of making logo and searching for mink lash vendor would take one month around even longer which waste a lot of precious time. If they can save some days and get their lashes and custom packaging earlier they can sell the product earlier so that they can make money earlier. TIME IS MONEY!

 private label

Private Lable of Mink Lashes

If you find Kenzo Lashes your time and money has been saved! Why? There are three reasons:

No.1 We also have professinal design team. Our designers are good at Photoshop/AI and many kinds of professional software of making prototypes and editing pictures. If you already have your ideal logo in your mind you can tell me and I will report your requirment to our designer then we will make prototype for you which means you will have your own designer in Kenzo Lashes!

No.2 We charge a better price than the logo makers because if you order our packagings it means you trusted us.We also want to show our sincerity to you—my cutsomers.

No.3 We have much experience of making logo of mink lashes. We made lots of eyelashes logo we can logo very fast and more professinal. And you will have many choices because we have many beautiful eyelash logo!

Private Lable of Mink Lashes

We can provide all the products of the eyelash series you need, and will give you the best wholesale price, if you need, please contact us.

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Click Here :25 mm Mink Lashes

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