3D mink lashes
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Qingdao Kenzo Lashes Products Co. Ltd has been engaged in false eyelashes product industry for over 10 years. As one of the leading professional enterprises combining design, production, trade and development under one roof, we have sourced top quality raw material, used high level processing technology and skills, had rich design experience and offered high quality goods with the best service for our clients in the past years.







Exporting to Europe, North America, Japan and Australia
Our main products are all kinds of eyelash products, including silk synthetic lashes/3D mink stripe lashes and all kinds of tools since 2006. The smoothness, thickness and durability of our eyelash products have earned us good reputation worldwide, mainly in Europe, North and South America, and Australia.
 Meeting Customers’ Requirements
We have our own factory, our monthly production capacity averages is 100,000 boxes of eyelash products. Relying on high output volume, top quality products, prompt delivery and excellent service, we are able to satisfy customers’ changing needs effectively. OEM/ODM requests accepted.








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How to maintain 3D Mink lashes  

1, unloaded 3D Mink lashes, 3D Mink lashes are glue.

2, fold the cotton pad, while narrow side width, and then cut.

3, will cut the cotton pad soaked eyes.

4, 3D Mink lashes into the wide half of the film, of course, to stay in the hair slightly outside, not the whole piece of 3D Mink lashes all covered into, remember, otherwise it may take shape.

5, 3D Mink lashes covered with a narrow piece, as much as possible only root section.

6, gently squeeze the roots with your fingers, so as to infiltrate the roots of liquid as much as possible.

7, curved cotton, you can stop living, so that both pressed firmly, but also to maintain the curvature of the 3D Mink lashes, on the table just fine.

8,24 hours later, gently opened the cotton piece.

9, gently squeeze the right hand tip, left hand nails a little dig out the root of the glue, it will be very easy to separate.

10, after separation, lashes root clean, leaving two glue in the cotton, get done.

11, back into the box, to be used next time.